Schools & Seminars

Fast track sailing courses

Fast track sailing course

Fast track course for beginners

Full Moon Glamping

Enjoy cosmopolitan Sporades under the biggest August Blue Full Moon!
26.08 - 02.09.2023 - Sold out

X Jubilee Bonus Miles Flotilla

One week sailing adventure

IX Bonus Miles Flotilla

The most expected adventure of North Aegean!
18-22.04.2023 - Sold out

Sailing academy regular courses

Sailing academy regular course

Regular classes in Keramoti base


“All About Catamaran” seminar

Learn everything about catamaran
11-12 November 2023

“All About Docking” seminar

Practical seminar to enhance your docking skills
18-19 November 2023

Sail Trimming Seminar & Open Sailing Season Trophy race

Upgrade your skills in sail trimming
4-5 November 2023