Schools & Seminars

Learn and practice in our Sailing Academy: get skipper license in sailing course for beginners or fast track sailing course, practice on our sailing seminars, All Aabout Catamaran and All About Docking practice, Miles Building in Flotillas, Boat transfers and boats delivery. Advanced skipper sailing course available on request. We collaborate with North Aegean Sailing Club, member of Hellenic Sailing Federation and World of Sailing – the sailing license you obtain is valid worldwide for the sailing yachts up to 24m, without limits in miles and day time.

Fast track sailing courses

Fast track sailing course

Fast track course for beginners
From October 2023

X Jubilee Bonus Miles Flotilla

One week sailing adventure

IX Bonus Miles Flotilla

The most expected adventure of North Aegean!
18-22.04.2023 - Sold out

Sailing academy regular courses

Sailing academy regular course

Regular classes in Keramoti base


“All About Catamaran” seminar

Learn everything about catamaran
11-12 November 2023

“All About Docking” seminar

Practical seminar to enhance your docking skills
18-19 November 2023

Sail Trimming Seminar & Autumn Sailing Trophy race

Upgrade your skills in sail trimming
4-5 November 2023