Flotilla & Cabin Charter

We organize Flotillas in North Aegean sailing area on a regular basis. You can take a speed course during Bonus Miles Flotilla  and get a skipper sailing license. Flotilla also is perfect for practice and Miles Building! Bareboat options available. Advanced skipper sailing course available on request. We collaborate with North Aegean Sailing Club, member of Hellenic Sailing Federation and World of Sailing – the sailing license you obtain is valid worldwide for the sailing yachts up to 24m, without limits in miles and day time.

Flotilla is also a perfect choice if you are looking for a cruise at affordable price and don’t have a crew (book one place or a cabin)

X Jubilee Bonus Miles Flotilla

One week sailing adventure

Extreme Aegean Mega Crossing

A lifetime adrenaline adventure!
22.11 - 02.12.2023

IX Bonus Miles Flotilla

The most expected adventure of North Aegean!
18-22.04.2023 - Sold out