Fast track sailing course

Fast track course for beginners

From March 2024


Enroll in fast track course of Sailing Academy by spending a week in Keramoti base or participating in one of our Flotillas, and get the internationally recognized skipper license, which lets you charter a sail boats up to 24 m length. This is the first step into the world of sailing!

Then you will gather experience and practice every time you are on board. The whole new world will be open to you: Flotillas, day cruises, regattas, races, practical seminars, team cruises, and maybe even skipper as a profession!


  • Intensive course

  • Maximum 1 week duration

  • Obtain a worldwide recognized sailing license

  • 60 hours of practise

  • 20 hours of theory

Questions & Answers

  • Where the lessons are taking place?

    North Aegean Sailing Club classroom in Keramoti is our base for theoretical lessons and sea area of Keramoti/Thassos – for practical. If you choose participation in Flotilla as a fast track course, please check the specific Flotilla’s program and route.

  • What is the duration?

    Usually 5-6 days of intensive theoretical & practical lessons. If you choose participation in Flotilla as a fast track course, please check the specific Flotilla’s program and route.

  • What's the program?

    The course covers the following theoretical & practical parts.

    • Terminology – parts of a sailing boat
    • Aerodynamic – trimming of sails
    • International Regulations of Avoiding Collisions at Sea
    • Moorings – Anchoring
    • Navigation – Maps
    • Comunnication – Emergencies – Security at Sea – Meteorology
    • Learning the sailing boat outdoor – interior – rigging
    • Handling the sailing boat upwind – downwind – reach
    • Trimming the sailing boat upwind – downwind – reach
    • Reef – reduse sail area
    • Course with compass
    • Moorings in bay / in port – anchoring
    • Approaching with the side
    • Man Over Board
    • Knots
    • Using instruments of the sailing boat
    • Plot a course
    • Using VHF
    • Using rescue equipment
  • What kind of license I will get?

    The sailing license you will obtain is issued  by North Aegean Sailing Club, member of Hellenic Sailing Federation and Word of Sailing. It is worldwide recognized and allows you to cnarter sailing boats up to 24 m, without any limitation in miles from a coast or day time.

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