“All About Catamaran” seminar

Learn everything about catamaran

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A specially designed seminar that aims to teach you everything you need to know about catamarans!

The 2-days seminar sets as a goal to give to participants (with or without previous experience in catamaran) the necessary knowledge in order to feel confident on catamarans.


  • 2-day seminar

  • theory & lots of practice!

  • certificate of participation

Questions & Answers

  • What is this event about?

    A specially designed seminar that aims to teach you everything you need to know about catamarans.

    You will follow a theoretical presentation while also practicing on modern Bali catamarans of our fleet.


  • What is the duration?

    Duration is two days, Saturday & Sunday,

    Approximate schedule:


    meeting in the office for registration at 09:30 am

    Seminar starts: 10:00, until 17:00

    Sunday: seminar starts: 09:00, until 16:00

    There might be 1h break at noon time (otherwise we won’t do a break but will finish earlier).

  • What I will learn?

    Learn and practice on following:

    • catamaran’s nature
    • their sailing attitude
    • equipment and systems
    • maneuvring
    • ways of docking in various weather conditions

    We practice on modern Bali catamarans of our fleet.

  • Can I also book accommodation on the boat?

    Yes, upon availability and request. We offer accommodation on the boats for Saturday night free of charge. If you need an extra night on Friday, this should be requested additionally and upon an extra fee. Please note we do not guarantee single accommodation, depending on the number of participants and available boats, you might have a cabin mate of the same gender.

    Please contact us to let us know that you will need an accommodation, as well as the day & time of your arrival.

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