Thassos – Chalcidice

Thassos - Chalkidiki | 7 - 10 days

Code:174 – 1.104

For sailors who prefer secluded, gree beaches and mooring to unique, quiet bays with plenty of time for swimming. Thassos and Chalkidiki are two of the most green places in greece with crystal clear waters.

  • 1st Day: Keramoti - Limenaria, Thassos. 20nm~3h
  • 2nd Day: Limenaria - Amouliani. 55nm~7.5h
  • 3rd Day : Amouliani - Bourbourou. 8nm~1h
  • 4th Day: Bourbourou - Porto Karras,N,Marmaras. 35nm~5h
  • 5th Day: Porto Karras - Sailing along 1at linger of Chalkidiki - Porto Koufo. 35nm~5h
  • 6th Day: Porto Koufo -Aliki, Thassos. 57nm~8h
  • 7th Day: Aliki, Thassos - Keramoti. 20nm~3h
    Alternatively, if someone has more available time can spend it either to Chalkidiki o Thassos.
Total nautical miles : 230
This program is just a suggestion. The participants can make changes accordin to their desires.