Platanias, Pelion – Sporades

Platanias,Pilio - Sporades | 7 days


A Sailing voyage to one of the most popular destinations of Greece. Magnificent beaches, uninhabited islands, the marine park of North Sporades but also the island of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos.
The embarkation from Platania,Volos give us the opportunity to save time and organize better the route that we will follow.

  • 1st Day: Platanias,Volos - Skiathos. 11nm~1.5h
  • 2nd Day: Skiathos - Glossa,Skopelos. 5.5nm~1h
  • 3rd Day : Glossa - Skopelos. 20nm~3h
  • 4th Day: Skopelos - Alonnisos. 7.5nm~1h
  • 5th Day: Alonnisos - Steni Vala. 4nm~1h
  • 6th Day: Steni Vaka - K.Panagia. 8nm~1h
  • 7th Day: K.Panagia - Platanias. 35nm~5h
    Alternatively, if there is time available, the participants can explore the marine park of Sporades or the island of Skyros.
Total nautical miles : 95
This program is just a suggestion. The participants can make changes according to their desires.