Docking Techniques for Catamarans & Monohulls

The seminar targets the revitalization of knowledge and practice under realistic conditions

18-19 Μay


Our seminar aims to provide participants with an opportunity to refresh and enhance their knowledge of docking techniques for both catamarans and monohulls.

Through interactive training, participants will have the chance to update their techniques and improve their practices in safe and effective docking.

The seminar targets the revitalization of knowledge and practice under realistic conditions, and is suitable for all skill levels, making it ideal for any sailor wishing to upgrade their experience on the water.

Docking is one of the most critical skills for any sailor, as it involves the process of safely entering and approaching harbors or marinas.

This skill requires precision and good judgment in handling the vessel under various conditions, such as strong winds or other vessels in the area.


  • 2-days practical seminar

  • practice on various boat types

  • certificate of participation

Questions & Answers

  • Attending a docking seminar can be invaluable for various reasons:

    1. Increased Safety: Learning and practicing proper docking techniques reduces the risk of accidents and damages to both your own vessel and others.

    2. Improved Confidence: Training and practice provide you with the experience to feel more confident every time you handle the vessel, especially under challenging conditions.

    3. Enhanced Understanding: You learn to better understand the behavior of your vessel in tight spaces and under various conditions.

    4. Development of New Skills: Acquiring advanced techniques and familiarizing yourself with the latest practices can be a great asset for your sailing career or hobby.

  • Enchancing Safety and Confidence Through Docking Seminar

    It’s important to invest time and effort in learning and practicing docking because it will make you a more capable and safe sailor. At the core of our philosophy lies the belief that learning the correct approach to harbors is of critical importance. We consider the education and development of sailing skills as essential elements for the safe and effective management of a sailboat, particularly during the critical moments of entering or exiting a harbor. Guided by this philosophy, we provide thorough training in docking techniques, teaching participants to handle every situation with confidence and precision.

  • When and where is the event taking place?

    11-12 May


  • What is the duration?

    Duration is two days, Saturday & Sunday,

    Approximate schedule:


    metting in the office for registration at 09:30 am

    Seminar starts: 10:00, until 17:00

    Sunday: seminar starts: 09:00, until 16:00

    There might be 1h break at noon time (otherwise we won’t do a break but will finish earlier).

  • What I will learn?

    You will learn everything a skipper needs to know about docking of:

    • catamaran
    • monohull with one rudder
    • monohull with two rudders

    Docking technics with stern – bow, side berthing. Docking with anchor and mooring on other boats, technics of embarkation / disembarkation in any weather conditions and effects of the rudder and the propeller.

    All the above, along with hints & tips from experienced instructors  will be covered in a form of theoretical presentation and, mostly, practice on boats and in the port.

  • Can I also book accommodation on the boat?

    Yes, upon availability and request. We offer accommodation on the boats for Saturday night free of charge. If you need an extra night on Friday, this should be requested additionally and upon an extra fee. Please note we do not guarantee single accommodation, depending on the number of participants and available boats, you might have a cabin mate of the same gender.

    Please contact us to let us know that you will need an accommodation, as well as the day & time of your arrival.

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