Catamaran Pro Skipper Course

6-Days of trainning



North Sailing & Athenian Yachts, in collaboration with the North Aegean Sailing Club, present the new training program:

Catamaran Pro Skipper Course.

This is a comprehensive training program designed to cover all the needs and challenges a modern skipper faces. The program is aimed at those who wish to upgrade their knowledge and experience in handling catamarans as well as in addressing basic problems of modern equipment.

The purpose of the program is to provide participants with condensed knowledge and experience during the 6-day training, enabling them to respond effectively during charters, with a focus on satisfying and ensuring the comfort of their clients.

Under the supervision of the head instructor Christoforos Gritzelakis and other trained instructors.


  • 6-Days Practical Trainning

  • One way route Fanari - Lavrio

  • Navigation experience in various weather conditions in open sea

  • Training in the use of latest generation maritime tools and technologies

  • Training in the use and basic troubleshooting of modern equipment

Questions & Answers

  • Programm

    This specific educational program offers practical training, allowing participants to gain a deep understanding of how modern technologies can enhance the sailing experience and increase safety and efficiency during navigation. Participants learn how to properly use equipment, identify and fix faults, and make the best possible use of available technological tools for navigation, safety, and comfort while at sea.

    The program focuses on handling and navigating the catamaran, including navigation techniques, anchoring, sail management, and emergency management, along with extensive learning of equipment.

    • Docking in multiple harbors (under different approach conditions)
    • Sailing (under different weather conditions),
    • Using an asymmetric spinnaker (setting up safely)

    Training in modern mechanical equipment :

    • Generators
    • Air conditioning
    • Water desalinators
    • Electric toilets 

    The course focused on electrical and electronic equipment are particularly important for professionals wishing to stay informed and familiarize themselves with the latest technological advancements in the field. The seminar covers a wide range of topics, such as the use of:

    -GPS navigation systems
    – Weather detection systems,
    – Digital mapping,
    – Security and communication systems, as well as advanced energy management techniques on the vessel.

  • Night Sailing

    Night sailing and navigation offer a unique and thrilling experience that requires extra attention, preparation, and knowledge. It provides unparalleled sensations and experiences but also demands enhanced vigilance and attention.

    During night navigation, sailors need to be familiar with nautical charts, navigation lights, and safety rules. It’s important for them to have a good understanding and use of nautical tools such as GPS, radar, and marine instruments. Additionally, being informed about weather conditions and properly preparing the vessel for nighttime conditions is critically important.

    Night sailing can be an unforgettable experience, but it requires serious preparation, knowledge, and respect for maritime practices and safety rules.

  • The training will take place on new and modern catamarans:

    Bali 3.8
    – Lagoon 40
    – Lagoon 42
    – Lagoon 46

    The rotation of the vessels offers participants the chance to familiarize themselves with different types of catamarans (with or without a flybridge), (twin helms), and other variations, enhancing their adaptability and skills across various marine environments and vessel configurations.

  • When and where do we start and finish?

    Start day :15/04

    End Day :20/04

    The course begins in Fanari and ends in Lavrion, providing trainees the opportunity to cover long distances in open sea. This ensures that participants will gain valuable practical experience, critical for the development of their skills as skippers.

  • What is the route?

    This unique educational experience will start from the Thracian Sea, pass through the North Aegean Sea & Cyclades, cross Cavo Doro, and end in Lavrion, navigating through various seas and harbors. Participants will have the opportunity to practice using the catamaran under different weather conditions and understand the diversity of the Greek sea

  • Why should I choose this program?

    After years of experience and success in conducting seminars such as “All About Catamaran,” our school is proud to present a truly innovative and distinct training program: an interactive, hands-on program that will take place in the open sea, offering real weather and sea conditions, providing a unique experience to its graduates, as it trains them to respond to the challenges of the open sea safely and confidently.

    This exceptionally well-structured program is unique in Greece and is organized under the auspices of our sailing club, guaranteeing a safe, educational, and unparalleled experience.

  • Τhe rise of catamarans

    The development of catamarans in the yachting sector in Greece has seen a tremendous rise in recent years, making them particularly popular among maritime tourists and sailors. The widespread acceptance and increased preference for catamarans are due to a range of factors that make them ideal for navigating the unique maritime conditions of Greece.

  • Price types


    Price types

    Our goal is the continuous professional development and personal empowerment of each team member.

    The initial cost of the training is 1,200 euros, with Athenian Yachts and Northsailing covering 50% of the cost in order to train the staff, therefore the cost amounts to 600 euros.

  • Professional advancement opportunities

    At the end of our innovative seminar, all participants will receive a certificate of attendance. This certificate is an important credential for every professional’s career, as it reflects the experience and knowledge gained in the world of yachting and sailing.

    Furthermore, due to our love and dedication to the evolution and promotion of yachting, we will actively recommend certified skippers who have been specifically trained in catamarans to cooperating sailing companies, marinas, and other organizations in the industry. This aims to help them find employment opportunities and advance their careers in the impressive world of yachting.

  • Participation Requirements

    -Skipper License
    – Relevant Experience
    – Swimming Skills
    – Nautical Miles Sailed (Certificates)

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