Incredible Adventure in the Aegean!



Our flotilla embarked on its impressive journey from Fanari Komotini, and after a thrilling passage through the Aegean, concluded at the picturesque Lavrio! The sun and the vast blue sea created the perfect setting for an unforgettable sailing experience.

We continued exploring the northern Aegean, discovering the unmatched beauty of the island of Lemnos. The island, with its enchanting sandy beaches, picturesque villages, and historical sights, offers a unique sense of freedom and serenity.

We enjoyed sailing to the Sporades, heading towards Skopelos, an island that embodies the beauty and tradition of the Aegean. The rich vegetation, crystal-clear beaches, and charming villages welcomed us with a warm air of hospitality.

As we sailed among the Sporades islands, the enchanting landscape changed with every turn of the helm.

Heading south towards Euboea, our sailing adventure continued with a stop in Kymi. Kymi offers a stunning view of the Aegean.

Just before reaching our final destination, we made a stop at the beautiful Karystos. Karystos, with its lush slopes and famous beaches, captivated us with its authentic beauty and tranquility.

Concluding at Lavrio, our sailing adventure peaked with a brisk wind, enjoying the final stretch of the journey in an exhilarating way. Lavrio

.As we conclude the first leg of our flotilla, we want to express our heartfelt thanks to all participants. We hope you enjoyed every moment of our sailing adventure, from the azure waters of the Aegean to the picturesque coasts and traditional stops at the islands.

Your participation and enthusiastic presence made this journey so special and memorable. Your commitment to learning and your love for sailing strengthened the spirit of the flotilla and helped us build a strong community of sailors.

We look forward to the next part of our adventure and hope to see you again on deck, ready to experience new adventures with us. Until then, keep the memories alive and continue to sail towards the horizons!

Throughout this journey, our flotilla was accompanied by the educational group “Catamaran Pro Skipper,” a program that offers practical training and enhances the sailing skills of participants.

This collaboration added an educational element to the trip, making the experience even richer and more enriching. Participants had the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real conditions, increasing their confidence and abilities in sailing, while simultaneously enjoying the beauty of the Aegean Sea.

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