Volos -Fanari

20-27 October



A Journey Through Magic and Nature

The flotilla set to embark on October 20th from the picturesque port of Volos offers a unique opportunity for sailing enthusiasts to discover the boundless beauty of the Sporades and the islands of the Northern Aegean. This journey, which will conclude on October 27th in Fanari, promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with adventure, natural beauty, and culture.

Starting from Volos, a city with a rich maritime tradition, the flotilla will sail through the Sporades, one of Greece’s most enchanting regions. The Sporades are known for their crystal-clear waters, lush green slopes, and stunning beaches. This archipelago consists of 24 islands, of which four are the most well-known: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, and Skyros.

The journey will conclude in the picturesque village of Fanari on October 27th, a place that combines traditional architecture with beautiful nature. Here, sailors will have the chance to relax and reflect on the wonderful experience they have had.

The XII flotilla of the Sporades and the Northern Aegean is not just a sailing trip but an adventure that brings people close to nature and the cultural heritage of Greece.

It is an opportunity to discover the true beauty of this country and to create unforgettable memories.

The yearly event that became a tradition!

XII Limited Bonus Miles Flotilla is organized by North Sailing in collaboration with North Aegean Sailing Club.

It’s a highly expected and also a one-of-a-kind social cruise, during which you are visiting small bays and harbors in beautiful famous but also hidden destinations while practicing and developing your nautical skills.

XII Bonus Miles Flotilla promises to be – and will be – your unforgettable experience!

We invite you to join us on this adventure.


  • One way route Volos-Fanari

  • Explore multiple destinations

  • Gain open sea experience and 300 nautical miles

  • Obtain sailing license

  • Upgrade your skills in sailing and seamanship

Questions & Answers

  • Who is it for? / Required level

    XII Bonus Miles Flotilla is just the right choice for you, if:

    •  you already have a sailing license (regardless of experience) and wish to enhance your sailing/upgrade your lisence,seamanship skills, gain open sea experience, and certified Nautical Miles.
    • you want to get a sailing license – it’s a good opportunity by joining an Educational Flotilla
    • you are in love with the sea and seeking new adventures and impressions.
  • When and where do we start and finish?

    Embarkation port: Volos,Magnesia,Greece.

    Disembarkation port: Fanari,Rhodope,Greece.

    *The bus will be organized for participants (optional and upon extra charge)

  • What is the route?

    The route is designed in a way to provide participants with a rich sailing and nautical experience, always in complete safety. All crews have the opportunity to participate actively, steering, trimming the sails, mapping the route as well as other actions required for safe and rapid navigation.

    Stops and the final route of the Flotilla depend mainly on the weather conditions. The crews will gather at each stopover for weather analysis and mapping of the following route. We aim to go on open sails as longer part of the route as possible!


  • Ways of participation - Price types

    • Bareboat with your crew in one of our boats (mandatory extras are diesel, and safety deposit)
    • Individually as crew with other sailors (book a place in a double cabin with a cabin mate – or secure a single accommodation for yourself with an extra fee)
    • Join an educational flotila with a crew of students and pass a fast-track sailing course during XII  Bonus Miles Flotilla, gaining open sea experience and obtaining a sailing diploma (theoretical & practical lessons)
  • Enhance your skills / obtain sailing licesne

    It is an opportunity for those who want to make their first acquaintance with sailing and obtain a sailing diploma.

    The educational flotilla  is going to be skippered by experienced sailing instructors from N.A.S.C. & ISSA.

    Upon completing the route and returning to Fanari on 27/10, there will be a written examination for all students.

  • What’s included?

    • Individual prices include fuel, linen | the boats have pillows & blankets
    • Standard allocation is placed in a double cabin with a cabin mate. If you want the whole cabin just for yourself, please choose “single accommodation” in the tickets (please note this type of accommodation must be reconfirmed with our office)
    • Return one-way transfer from  Volos  is optional
    • For Bareboat options obligatory extras are diesel &  safety deposit
    • Each participant will get a memory T-shirt with the Flotilla logo, as well as a Miles certificate
    • Food provisions are not included

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