The first circle of the Catamaran Pro Skipper Course was succesfully completed.

During this journey, our flotilla was accompanied by the educational group “Catamaran Pro Skipper of Open Sea,” a program that offers practical training and enhances the sailing skills of participants. This collaboration added an educational element to the journey, making the experience even richer and more enriching.
The dedication and enthusiasm you showed throughout the educational program were an inspiration to us all. The level of participation and the quality of teaching contributed to achieving high standards, ensuring that each participant gained significant benefits from this experience.
The fleet of catamarans used for the training consisted of the following :
– Bali 3.8
– Lagoon 40
– Lagoon 42
– Lagoon 46
Thank you to each one of you for your commitment to developing your skills and contributing to the community of sailors in such a positive and dynamic way. We look forward to continuing to support you in the future and to see your progress in the exciting world of sailing.
With warm wishes for continued success .
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