📝 Registrations now open!

The North Aegean Sailing Club proudly announces the start of new sailing courses for beginners and advanced students! Come and discover the art of sailing. Sailing is not just a sport, it is an art, a philosophy of life that combines harmony with nature, personal journey, and absolute freedom.

We welcome with great joy and pride the first students of the new season! In the context of this new chapter that is unfolding, we want to express our deep appreciation and love for our beloved instructor, Panagiotis.

Our first students.

Panagiotis, with his rich experience, endless passion for sailing, and unwavering dedication to education, is here to guide you through every wave and challenge. Under the supervision of Panagiotis, every sailor transforms into an experienced skipper.

📍 Location: North Aegean Port, [Keramoti & Fanari]
📝 Registrations now open! – Secure your spot today!
Classes available for all ages and experience levels. Safety, education, and fun are our priorities!
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