Archaeological Museum

You will find it in Limenas, the capital of Thassos. It is considered to be one of the most important provincial museums in Greece.  Built close to the ancient agora you can travel in the island’s history through the collections and the ancient discoveries from 7th century BC to 7th AD. Meet the ways of lifestyle, the culture of the first people who lived on the island and admire the jewelry collection of the era.

Ancient Town – Acropolis – Ancient theater

One of the most important archaeological museums in Thassos. Important findings came to light about the Ancient Town of Thassos, in 1911 from the French archaeological school. The port, the agora, the center  for both in political and religious level describe with their history the life as it was those years. Meanwhile your walk in the Ancient Town you will meet the admirable Acropolis, from Byzantine era in altitude 137meters above the sea. In the natural  concavity of the hill admire the Ancient Theater, built in the 5th century BC.


Do not forget to visit the Palataki, the rocky promontory at the end of the port of Limenaria.

Folklore Museum of Limenaria

Museum where you can find the everyday objects of the place, traditional costumes, photographs, tools, ceramics. Open daily in the afternoon.


Area: Aliki
Combine your bathroom with a walk in the ancient settlement that existed in the region. At the edge of the peninsula discern the sunken quarry.

The monastery of the Archangel Michael

One of the main attractions of Thassos is the Monastery of the Archangel Michael, built in 1080. It stands on the piece of Holy Nail kept inside (part of the nails used in the crucifixion of Christ). Many pilgrims visit it every year, mentioning their names with their votive.

Folklore Museum of Theologos

Area: Theologos
Hosted in the Chatzigiorgi mansion in Theologos village. Chatzigiorgis was the chieftain who revolutionized the Thassians during the national liberation struggle of 1821. The other two are located in Limenaria and Kallirachi.

The Old Path Of Theologos

For hikers, there is a beautiful path of many years which is located outside the village of Theologos. It starts from the church and goes to school.  During the journey to accompany the gorgeous view of the village but Mr. mountains surrounded. A river, a small bridge and the small lanterns that are there, travel you to another era.


Area: Kastro
A medieval village, located in the center of the island with an altitude of 650 m. The name comes from the remains of a castle that once located in there. Perhaps the oldest village in Thassos.  The castle was destroyed completely, outside the church of Agios Athanasios which every year at the feast attracts crowds of people.


Favorite tourist destination for nature lovers, a waterfall just outside the village Kastro.

Lake in the mountain

Area: Maries
You are located a few kilometers outside the village Maries, which created especially for the needs of farmers and has become one of the most beautiful sights of the island. You have to visit the lake even for a cursory glance.

The Springs of Love

Area: Panagia
A place where going all those who visit the village of Panagia. Relax and enjoy the scenery of the old trees that their branches spread across the square and the Springs of Love.

St. Panteleimon Monastery

The monastery of St. Panteleimon in Thassos is a bit higher than the village Kazaviti. The church of the monastery is estimated that it was built in 1843 with stone of the mountain and has a wooden roof covered with slate. Next to the church there is a cave, from which it is said that Santa passed since the 18th century. Every year come many believers and treated by the doctor St. Panteleimon. In 1987 the sanctuary became a monastery and every year there is a festival on July 27 where the faithful celebrate the Saint.


Area: Potamia
The village Potamia is located a few kilometers south of Panagia. It is built on the ridges of Mount Ypsario and is filled with traditional houses with stone walls and wooden ceilings. There are two beautiful churches that dominate the landscape. The area is ideal for hiking because there are many trails in the woods and on the mountain where you can wander.