the emerald island of Thracian Sea

Traveling to Thassos

You can reach Thassos from the port of Keramoti, which is just 5 miles from Thassos. Alexander the Great Airport is just 10.6 km from the port of Keramoti.
Start your day with hot freshly brewed bread from Thassos ovens that boast tradition and delicacies.
Enjoy the blue waters of the coast of Thassos. Visit the island by choosing one of the cruises organized by North Sailing daily during the summer months.
Walk in the ancient city and travel through folklore exhibits in old age. Taste Greek food in the restaurants and taverns of Thassos, that offer traditional tastes. Finish your day in one of the night bars that will offer you the cool cocktail you are looking for.

Thasos it’s an island that combines adventure with relaxation. It invites you to explore it and enjoy it through the different images that it has to show you on every shore.

On the map, we highlight the harbors and beaches of the island

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Discover the island’s beaches. From Golden Beach to the beautiful Gkiola, the combination of deep blue waters, golden or white sand and green nature will fascinate you.



Worth visiting places in Thassos!



Get in touch with Thasos culture


Useful information

For more information about the ports in Thassos, and useful local information click the following link.

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