Gria Vathra

Area: Therma
Ancient trees and ferns, compose a beautiful landscape, leading visitors into a magical place that has a natural swimming pool. A favorite destination of campers as it leaves you to explore the region through the rocks, climbing.

Vathres of Fonias

Hiking in a magnificent area that reminds a fairy-land. Beside the stream of Fonias, the most famous canyon of Samothrace. On the way, you begin to  discover numerous Vathres with refreshing iced water. Amazing experience the swimming under the waterfall of Fonias. At the mouth of the river, visit the tower of Fonias known for its archaeological interest.

Kremastos Waterfall

Enjoy from the boat the waterfall kremastos falling from height 83m, into the sea. The canyon of Kremastos is a point where canoe one can do.

The Castle of Chora

Visit the ruins located on a majestic rock at the entrance of Chora. The view from that spot will impress you.

Archaeological Museum of Paleopolis

Meet the copy of world famous statue of Niki of Samothrace. Go to ancient times, through the collection of valuable jewelry, statuettes, architectural placed in the museum.
In the area of Paleopolis are also finds and ruins of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods.

Chora – Caste of Chora

Chora, the capital of the island has been declared a preserved traditional settlement. Built amphitheatrically, with stone houses and cobbled streets, is a popular destination especially during the summer months. It is worth visiting the Folklore Museum, housed in an old mansion and contains regional costumes, embroidery, and utensils. At the entrance is adorned the Castle of Chora from where the view is spectacular.