Chalcidice – Sporades

Chalkidiki - Sporades | 7 - 10 days

Code:173 – 1.103

Starting from one of the most beautiful places in Greece, Chalkidiki, a sailor can enjoy the magnificent beaches and sail to marine park of North Sporades with stopovers to many places, such as the island of k.Panagia, the green alonnisos, the picturesque Skopelos and popular Skiathos. Places of embarkation and disemparkation can be the 1st and 2nd linger of Chalkidiki.

  • 1st Day: Chalkidiki - K.Panagia. 35nm~5h
  • 2nd Day: K.Panagia - Alonnisos. 15nm~2h
  • 3rd Day : Explore Alonnisos
  • 4th Day: Alonnisos - Skopelos. 15nm~2h
  • 5th Day: Skopelos - Glossa, Skopelos. 7nm~1h
  • 6th Day: Glossa, Skopelos - Skiathos. 7nm~1h
  • 7th Day: Skiathos - Chalkidiki. 50nm~7h
    Alternatively, if someone has more available time can spend it either to Chalkidiki and North Sporades ar can visit Skyro.
Total nautical miles : 135
This program is just a suggestion. The participants can make changes accordin to their desires.