Odysseas Route

Odysseus Route | 7 days


According to Homer after the end of Troyan war the fleet of the winners with Agamemnon started for the return to motherland after 10 years of war. The fleet, except of Odysseus, follow South route, passed from the Islands of Central Aegean so that to come to Greece. Odysseus’ followed a different, North route in order to avoid corsairs and so started ‘The Odysseu’.
The route of Odysseus is a magnificent voyage to historical and beautiful places of Aegean and Troy. We follow the route of Odysseus and we visit unique islands, Samothrace, Limnos, Thassos and places such as Dardanelia Canakkale and legendary Troy. The voyage is carried with sailing boat and the help of the wind. There is much time for sailing stopover for swimming, snorkkeling and other activities. If the participants want they can learn the secrets of sailing and visit the hinterland of the islands. Changes of program are possible according to the weather and the desires of the participants.

  • 1st Day: Keramoti-Samothrace. 40nm~6h. Free program. Overnight stay on board
  • 2nd Day: Samothrace-Canakkale,Turkey. 60nm~8.5h. Free program.
  • 3rd Day : Excursion to Troy. Free Program. Overnight stay on board.
  • 4th Day: Canakkale-Moudros(Limnos). 60nm~8.5h. Free program. Overnight stay on board.
  • 5th Day: Moudros-Mirina(Limnos). 15nm~2h. Free program. Overnight stay on board.
  • 6th Day: Mirinia(Limnos)-Aliki(Thassos). 40nm~5.5h. Free program. Overnight stay on board.
  • 7th Day: Explore Thassos. Sailing tour to beautiful beaches. Evening, return to the same port
Total nautical miles : 250