Sailing Academy

Our motto is “Sailing is a sport” and we strongly promote learning sailing and getting experience through Clubs, parts of H.S.C. and I.S.A.F. North Aegean Sailing Club is an active club based in Keramoti, Kavala. It organizes various events throughout the year (seminars, races, flotillas etc.) and aims to provide a solid knowledge of seamanship and spread the love for the sea and sailing to the Club’s new members while heightening the experience of the present ones.

Daily Trips

We organize daily sailing (and not only) trips from our base in Thassos island. In co-operation with travel agencies and through our own network of partners all over the island, we offer high-quality services during day trips, while visiting the most famous, as well as less known and otherwise unreachable places of the island.

ΝΕΜΟ – Semi-submarine

Nemo is a semi-submarine that lies at the port of Kavala till mid-May and afterward, for the whole summer season, in Thassos. This innovative semi-submarine allows people of every age to explore the sea from the “inside” and to live a great marine experience.