Archaeological Museum of Limnos

It has been operating since 1961. You will find it in Romanikos Gialos, housed in a neoclassical building. It travels you in time with the historical development of the island, from the copper-stone period to the Roman era. Findings exist almost from all of the archaeological areas of the island.

Church Museum of Metropolis of Limnos

Artworks of inestimable value, relics of religious tradition and art, the Byzantine and after-Byzantine period are all these you will meet. It is housed in the area of the Metropolis, Myrina.

Art Gallery of Contemporary Balkan Art

An art gallery hosting works of great artists from Limnos, Greece and the Balkan countries.

Folklore Museum of Portia

Travel to the art and lifestyle of the inhabitants of Limnos, through exhibits and folk art items (household utensils, handmade, traditional costumes, everyday use tools).

Museum of Nautical Tradition and και Sponge fishing of Limnos in Nea Koutali

A thematic museum presenting the nautical tradition of the refugees from Asia Minor, who were mainly occupied with sponge fishing and treatment. Wander between the sponge equipment of the fishermen, their tools and other stuff that picked from the sponge fishermen during their dives.

Archaeological site of Poliochni

Near the village of Kaminia, Poliochni is built. An archaeological site that during the Neolithic period was one of the most important settlements in the Aegean area during the 3rd millennium BC. Today it is considered one of the most ancient cities of Europe with an early form of social and urban organization.

Archaeological area of Iphestia

The largest and oldest town in Lemnos was Iphestia. The excavations brought to light a sanctuary dedicated to the great goddess Limnos, necropolis, baths and other exhibits of worthy admiration.

Archaeological site of Prehistoric Myrina

Meet interesting corps of Neolithic settlement outside the walls of Myrina’s castle.

Kaveirio – Cave of Filoktitis

Near the sanctuary of Kaveiria, there is the unique cave of Filoktitis. According to myth, the Achaeans, going to Troy, stopped on the island and left Philoktitis, who had been bitten by a snake. They took him after some years and went to Troy, because, according to the prophecies of Elenos, only with his weapons (the arrows of Hercules) could overwhelm it.

Chortarolimni – Aliki – Asprolimni

Wetlands that are considered the most important among of our country. They preserve an excellent ecosystem in which over 4000 species of birds, such as herons, avocetσ, flamingos, overwinter.

Limnos Dunes

Area: Katalakkos
The Sahara of the North Aegean. Sand dunes in an area of 70 acres are an impressive phenomenon.