Sailing Club of the North Aegean which is certified from Nautical Authorities of Greek Sailing, organizes High Seas sailing learning classes through an exemplary sailing center with years of experience in the field and an honest love for the sea.

There are classes for beginner, advanced, skipper classes, racing department and college student department. In addition, there are accelerated programs and practice training available for the ones who do not have the time needed or just want to train in what they already know.
The objective is to obtain an international sailing diploma, recognized throughout the world and without miles limitation, for a sailing boat up to 20 feet. Classes are taught throughout the year at Keramoti [ Kavala ] and Fanari [ Komotini].



Beginners Class

High Seas diploma for beginners that wish to learn how to sail.

Preconditions: Swimming skill, age of 18 years or older.
Objective: Primary training, acquisition of skipper diploma for sailing ships up to 20m.
Duration: 2 months (60 hours of practice, 25 hours of theory)
Educational: 2 days

Parts of sailing yachts. Details, Different types of yachts, How handle the sails, Useful terms, Airdynamics, Stability, Seafaring, Maps, Plotting a course, Lighthouses, Compasses, Docking-Anchoring, Mooring-Rope securing, Knots, Anchors, Docking Operations, International regulations for preventing collisions at sea, Emergency cases, Safety equipment, Boat documents, Trimming the sails, VHF communication, Meteorology, Nautical principals, Safety onboard

Knowing the boat, Knowing the sails, Poins of sails (Tack, Jibe, Upwind, Downwind etc), Man overboard, Trimming sails (Jenoa, Main sail), Dropping sails, Preparation for sailing, Effects of wind and waves, Anchoring, Mooring, Operations on engine/rudder, Knotting, Night sailing, Boat equipment systems, Planning a sailing route, Finding position, Using the GPS, Boat elecronicsNautical manners, Practice on meteorology

Advanced Class

Second Level High Seas diploma for yachtsmen of primary training who are interested to acquire more specific knowledge.

Preconditions: Beginners diploma acquired from Ν.Ο.Κ. or other schools
Objective: Secondary high level education that prepares the participants for the safe handling of a sailing boat as skippers
Duration: 2 months( 80 hours of practice ,20 hours of theory)
Educational: 3 days

Advanced trimming of Jib, main sail and spinnaker, Boat equipment, Inventory list, Check in-Checkout, Embarkation documents, Planning the cruise, Sailing safety, Difficult operations, Emmergency cases, Maneuvering with sails only, Handling and needs of passengers, Crew manners, Leisure cruise techniques, Engine maintanance, Advanced seafaring, Bearing onboard, Stream and waves influences, Safety alignments, Nautical electronics, GMDSS, commucication on board, First aid, Life raft, Man overboard, Special subjects

Advanced trimming of Jib, main sail and spinnaker, Setting the sails for cruise-one man only, Preparin for embarkation as a skipper and organizing equipment and crew, Difficult maneuvers indoors, Docking (bow docking, stern docking,side docking), Docking only with sails, Docking on a buoy, Overnight in a bay, safety techniques, Boats in flotilla, How to dock, Safety practice, Emmergency cases, Man overboard, sails and engine techniques, Life raft demonstration, Sailing in action, Sailinig principals, Marine enviroment safety, Check in-Check out, Night sailing, Foul anchor techniques-how to use outboard and dingy-one man

Racing Department

High Seas Racing Diploma for yachtsmen of primary training who wish to know games sailing secrets. Knowledge is acquired through training but also through participation to sailing games.

Preconditions: Beginners diploma acquired from Ν.Ο.Κ. or other schools
Objective: Secondary education, the participants are taught race sailing secrets, are prepared as crew members and enhanced as skippers.
Duration: 2 months (at least 80 hours of practice, 20 hours of theory)
Educational: Participation and overnight in games.

Trimming the boat for racing sailing (Jenoa, main sail, spinnaker), Sailing rules, Racing yachts types, Special regulations ISAF, ORC IRC, International measurements system, Rating, Polar diagrams, Race documents, Crew positioning, Racing equipment, Racing sailing techniques, Maintance equipment, Advanced seafaring, Bearing onboard, Stream and waves influences, Safety alignments, Nautical electronics, GMDSS, communications on board, First aid, Life raft, Man overboard-special subjects

Training as a crew in a racing boat. How to use the equipment and sails under any circumstances tips and hints of racing orientation, Training on racing techniques, Techniques on race starting, Demonstration of all positions and specialization in some types of navigation Points of sail, Sailing in fine reach, beam reach, Dead run, Safety-safety jackets-life belts, Life raft, Crew manners & cooperation, Participation in at least 3 sailing races of Sailing Club of the North Aegean and 6 regattas in kavala keramoti thasso samothraki and fanari (optional overnight onboard)

Skippers Class

High Seas Diploma for yachtsmen who wish to professionally involve as skippers on sailing ships.

Preconditions: Beginners diploma of Ν.Ο.Κ. or other schools, 1.000 miles certification as skipper.
Objective: Higher superior education of our school. On the basis of full knowledge of nautical craft and sailing, the participants are prepared as skippers.
Duration: 6 months (200 hours of practice, 140 hours of θεωρία)
Educational: 4 days

Lessons-lectures-seminars of 6 months duration (140 hours)- taught by experienced instructors, Skippers sailing (20 hours), Nautical meteorology (8 hours), Nautical law (8 hours), Communications GMDSS epirb VHF (20 hours), Equipment and sails maintanance (4 hours), Emmergency cases (8 hours), Mechanical-electric parts of the boat (8 hours), Electronics (4 hours), Rescue research (4 hours), First aids (8 hours), Lifeguard (8 hours), General equipment, maintanance,repairs (4 hours), Shipbuilding knowledge and classification society of shipping (8 hours), Nautical principal (4 hours), Diet onboard (4 hours), Man overboard prevention,rehabilitation (4 hours), Nautical assistance (4 hours), International regulations for preventing collisions at sea, Codes at sea

Operating with minimum crew in all types of sailing, Operating wtih minimum crew in ports and bays, Embarkation/disembarkation on sails, Setting/unsetting the sails, Trimming the mast, Difficult situations-sailing without rudder-docking solutions-plastic bag and ropes on the propeller, Man overboard on engine and sails, Valves-pumps-tubing-bilges, Engine-reverse-axis-maintanance-repairs, Seafaring in action, Sailing without navigaition system, Wheel and rudder system, Lifting the boat, under water part, Visiting a sails tailor, Storm sails, Hull maintanance, Firefighting, Life raft demonstration, Fireworks, 24 hours non stop sailing 4 days, cruise 200 miles at least


Sailing for everyone

An exemplary sailing center that offers special programs aimed at those who have a sailing diploma but also those who want to acquire knowledge of nautical art and sailing. Depending on your experience, you can participate in one of our flexible programs or in practice training and learn secrets of sailing or accumulate years of experience. Participants are given the syllabus and a seminar attendance certificate.


For the ones who do not have the needed time, the Department of Keramoti-Fanari of Sailing Club of the North Aegean  has made these specific flexible classes to teach the required knowledge to them within the valuable time they have.

The classes take place in the exemplary sailing school which is in Keramoti with contemporary teaching methods, with experienced instructors and many boats available for training so the students can be trained thoroughly.During the classes, the students stay inside the yachts.
The participants at the end of the classes they obtain a skipper sailing diploma for sailing boat up to 20 feet.

Valuable knowledge gained in a few days time. Ideal for everyone who wants their sailing diploma as soon as possible. With a flexible schedule that can be adapted according to your needs to:

  • 6 days in a row
  • 3 times two days in a row
  • 2 times three days in a row

Be SAILOR* 16 hours [2 days] 150€

Τhe seminar includes 4 embarkations on a yacht. The participants are trained as racing crew on racing sailing ships.

Taught Material

  • Sails trimming coaching on racing sailing ship
  • Specialized trimming: Main sail, genoa, spinnaker
  • Job rotation
  • Racing techniques
  • Regulations-Appliance

Be SKIPPER** 16 hours[2 days] 150€

Τhe seminar includes 6 embarkations on a yacht. The participants are trained as skippers for the safe navigation of a sailing ship under hard conditions.

Taught material

  • Embarkation preparation
  • One man navigation techniques on sails
  • A variety f dock securing, mooring, anchor hoisting
  • Tough maneuvers
  • Booard equipment
  • Yacht documentation
  • Propeller-rudder interaction etc

Catamaran Practice 150 € per individual

Sailing practice about navigation techniques, trimmings, moorings and maneuvers with sailing catamarans 38 and 40 feet.
The duration of seminar is 16 hours and the participants will be given certificate of attendance.
Only for owners of sailing diploma

Practice Programs

Put your knowledge to the test
Bonus miles*** [4-5 days]
The days are arranged according to the program of the person concerned.
Price depending on how many days it will take, rent of the boat, use of skipper.