“All About Docking” seminar

“All About Docking” seminar

Seminar and practice “All About Docking” offers priceless practical experience and opportunity to upgrade your skills.

Everything a skipper needs to know about docking of:

  • catamaran
  • monohull with one rudder
  • monohull with two rudders
  • sport sailing boat
  • motor boat
  • outboard

Docking technics with stern – bow, side berthing. Docking with anchor and mooring on other boats, technics of embarkation / disembarkation in any weather conditions and effects of the rudder and the propeller.

All the above and even more will be covered in the docking seminar so the participants will have the opportunity to obtain a practical and theoretical knowledge.

The aim of the seminar is to concentrate the experience of docking …  in 2 days.

Seminar is intended for all levels.

Registration is required.




Participation cost: 200€/person

Applicable Offers:

  • Book with a friend for 175€ per person
  • Book two seminars “All About Docking” + “All about Catamaran” for 175€ each
  • Book two seminars “All About Docking” + “All about Catamaran” for yourself and at least one friend and get each seminar for 150€ per person

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