According to the “Study regarding Maritime Tourism (yachting, cruising, coastlines)” which was published during October 2019 by the Greek Tourism Business Association, Maritime Tourism consists of section of yachting, cruising and coastlines with immediate financial impact of € 2.280 million or 1,3% of GDP with direct employment 22.500 jobs, from which 11.500 in yachting, 5.000 in cruising and 6.000 in coastlines. In adition, taking into consideration the indirect effects, the total impact on greek economy is estimated to € 5 and € 6 billions, representing 2,9%-3,5% of GDP.

As it is underlined in this study, “National Bank of Greece mentions for 2015 total expenses from tourists in maritime tourism € 503 million, excluding expenses for airlines for tourists that participate in a cruise starting from Greece or finishing in Greece.” From the above we can safely conclude that section of yachting affects the wider economy of the regions that the specific tourists visit, both the bases of embarkation/disembarkation and the destinations during their trip.

I a country like Greece, where the season has been prolonged in the specific section, reaching at least 65months of duration, investin in a yacht is one of the most profitable in our country. Greece with its 6.000 islands and islets is ranked in one of the 3 most wanted destinations in Mediterranean, with plethora of sailors returning back every year to explore new destinations.

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