The yachting sector is considered one of the fastest growing sectors of tourism in Greece, contributing to 2.9% -3.5% of GDP annually. It brings multiple benefits to the economy, with significant growth prospects, as evidenced by the industry’s support for NSRF programs in recent years.
NorthSailing is a company with 15 years of experience in purchasing yachts, charter, fleet management and maintenance. We will be happy to help you in any way we can during the “journey” of buying your own boat, private or commercial, new or pre-owned.
By investing in a yacht you can take advantage of our services / programs, which we are here to discuss in further detail with you at a meeting.

1. Boat for me
After years of experience, we can help you choose, buy and equip your own private dream yacht. After purchase, we can offer home port services during the winter and summer, in one of our operating bases. In addition, we can undertake the winter maintenance.

2. Invest and sail
Having a vast experience in the yachting industry, knowing the market and its requirements well, we can advise in choosing a professional yacht brand new or pre-owned. The vessel will be placed in our fleet, in our operating bases and through a management plan that will be agreed, the owner will be able to benefit from income of charters, during the period he does not use the vessel himself.
Northsailing will offer broker’s/agencie’s services, home port and winter / summer service.

3. Invest in a yacht
Each yacht is a business, which can provide to the owner income that reflects her value. Based on our experience and excellent knowledge of the market and its trends, we can recommend investing in boats that the market requires. In this specific management program we offer the owner a guaranteed income, taking over the annual expenses of the boat. The owner has the opportunity to own a profitable business in the world of yachting.